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The advantages of inverter technology
Inverter variable-speed outdoor units are measurably quieter and use less energy than conventional systems. Unlike conventional systems that cycle on and off, an Inverter compressor ramps up or down to match the requirement and maintain your even comfort.

The Benefits of a ductless heat pump system:

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Incredibly Quiet
  • Custom Temperature Control
  • Beautiful Design
  • Enhanced Air Circulation
  • High Speed Cooling
  • Dependable Heating
  • Built to Last
  • Convenient Controls

LG Art Cool Prestige Heat Pump

Art Cool Prestige

With its rounded surfaces and pearlized finish, Art Cool™ Prestige satisfies your need for design and comfort in any room with high-performance, high-efficiency heating & cooling. Art Cool™ Prestige features published performance to -25o C with continuing operation below this temperature. The optional LG Smart AC module provides added convenience, with remote control via Wi-Fi with your smart phone. Its powerful, quiet fan produces industry-leading airflow for smooth, even comfort. Art Cool™ Prestige enhances any room in your home.

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LG Gloss White Heat Pump

Gloss White

LG Ductless Split air-conditioning and heating systems consist of three basic components: An inverter (variable-speed) outdoor unit, a stylish and quiet indoor unit that delivers conditioned air to the room, and refrigerant lines and wiring connecting the units. This design allows for energy conservation by serving only those areas that need cooling or heating, a cost-effective feature when only certain portions of a building are being used.

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Mitsubishi Mr. Slim


Mitsubishi Mr. Slim ductless split heat pump systems allow you to cool or heat without ductwork or windows and are the perfect solution for your Vancouver Island home, restaurant, computer room, retail store or Gulf Island cottage.

Remove your window air conditioner this summer and install a ductless split heat pump for quiet and efficient air conditioning.

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